The Foundation's History

Children's Foundation for Equine Assisted Therapy, Inc. began as a small grassroots program. Anke Ebener, a therapeutic riding instructor and Applied Behavioral Analysis (A.B.A.) Technician, began working with an 11 year old boy diagnosed with Autism. His mother quickly noticed the dramatic changes in her child's behavior, speech and cognitive understanding. Through her word of mouth, additional children with special needs started to participate and benefit from the unique communications program created by Ms. Ebener together with educational and health care professionals.

Due to the rapid success and growth of the program, the Children's F.E.A.T. foundation was established in order to accept charitable underwriting and donations that are necessary to further develop the theraputic equine program and maintain the extraneous expenses associated with it. For the last several years, the foundation's operations have been primarily supported by its founders, directors, and private donations.