Our Horses

Kaiserkrone (a.k.a. Krone)

This 26 year old Standardbred mare was the heart and soul of the foundation. She looks back on a seven year long racing career and was the mother of eight "children". After teaching typical children how to ride for several years, she gave a plethora of her love and attention to the special needs children of Children's F.E.A.T. Countless children have had their first horse encounter on her back. Krone's energetic and powerful walk impacted the body, mind, and soul of the children and provided the perfect base for Hippotherapy. Her commitment inspired the whole team.
The heart and soul of Children's F.E.A.T. "Kaiserkrone" past away peacefully on October 23, 2011.



This 7 year old Miniature Horse mare was purchased with a generous donation from the Florida Amateur Driving Club. Her non-intimidating size makes her the favorite of the more timid children. Jenny is the star of the Therapeutic Driving Program. This intelligent and forgiving miniature is highly talented in obstacle and cross country driving and is a showmanship talent. Children's F.E.A.T. is currently working with the AMHA, (American Miniature Horse Association) in order for the children to begin showing her at local events.


Glenrock (a.k.a. Buddy)

This is a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding. He was donated to the charity by his owner and breeder because of his lack of competitive spirit. When Buddy joined the foundation's horse family, he was too inexperienced to be a therapy horse, but thanks to volunteer riders, he is developing continuously and has started on the road to his new career.
Thank you to Nelson B. Hunt for donating Buddy and thanks to Rolf Ebener for Buddy for his first year.


Double Platinum (a.k.a. Double)

This is a 21 year old Standardbred mare came to Florida to assist her friend and former racing partner Kaiserkrone, when Krone got hurt and needed a break. Double adjusted to her new job in no time and showed great passion and spirit for the children. She grew especially fond of the children.

Double Platinum

Mariah (our unicorn)

This 12 year old Arabian mare was abused by her first owner, later rescued and trained in natural horsemanship by horse lovers and than donated to be used in the program. She is a great addition and never tires out in her new job. Mariah services the children with Therapeutic Horseback Riding.
Thank you to anonymous donor for assisting with costs.