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Social Skills Groups for Children with Special Needs

Skills Groups for Children with Special Needs Flyer

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"Come play and learn with the horses"

Social skills serve as a foundation for getting along with others. A lack of social skills can lead to behavioral difficulties when involved within group settings (e.g. school), inattentiveness, aggression, difficulty with making friends, negative self image and isolation from peers.

The social skills programs purpose is to enhance social-pragmatic skills through interaction and activities with horses and horse related art projects. The focus is on establishing and improving communicative interactions and play relations among peers. The horses will be used as a tool for emotional growth and learning. The availability of the non-threatening and non-judgmental horse environment to practice newly acquired social skills strongly provides these children with the tools to participate in daily social life.

Horse activities:
According to age and ability of the children, there will be many interactive activities from horse leading and brushing to complex challenges involving the horses. These will require a group or an individual to apply certain skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking and problem solving to achieve a specific goal. This will improve skills in leadership and work ethic, teach children to take responsibility, and educate them on teamwork. While working on this array of skills, these activities also foster relationships, confidence, and attitude.

Horse related art projects:
According to the age and ability of the children, there will be art projects on different levels, from painting horseshoes and finger-painting a real horse to a multi-step project that incorporates planning, creating, writing about, and presenting an artwork such as a model horse.


Mission To enhance and built recessive and expressive language, social-communication, motor coordination and functional task completion in an equine-supported peer group.

Vision Through the magic of horses, enhance social competence and pragmatic communication skills in children by bringing together B.f. Skinners "Verbal Behavior", equine assisted therapy and social skills training in a multi-sensory, intimate "stable" environment.

Name: Horsing around

Arrangement: Session Breakdown:
Themes: Each week is a different "activity with the horses", which will be reinforced though a didactic lesson with snack time and a creative activity.

Data Collection:
Participant Objectives:
Program Includes: