Why Horses?

Horses' large stature, strength and willingness to bond with humans are qualities that have fascinated people for centuries. The idea of being able to bond with a creature so magnificent and at the same time intimidating, challenges individuals to work through fear and to build self-confidence. Since they are prey animals, horses are highly sensitive, keenly aware of their surroundings and always focused on the present. They are honest and non-judgmental, qualities that promote the expression of feelings and provide a safe starting point for developing trust and a positive relationship with another living being. Horses also have superior intuition and an innate ability to pick up on emotion and read intent in others. Through their behavior, horses provide immediate and observable feedback around feelings or behavioral dynamics that individuals are presenting. Social signals from horses are less complex than those of humans, which can facilitate a greater degree of social understanding and interaction than would otherwise be possible in a traditional psychotherapy setting.

Why Horses